Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

A Quentin Solace

My favourite weird lines from Inglorious Basterds

"That means I got a little injun in me."
Brad Pitt, Chief Inglorious Basterd, explaining why he wants his men to take 100 German scalps each.

"Am I married to a squaw?" Wehrmacht soldier in a VIP guessing game.

"I thought I come up here and do what I do best: annoy you."
Daniel Brühl to Mélanie Laurent, seconds before he does just that and gets himself shot by the really annoyed Mel.

"I'm going to give you a little something you cain't take off."
Brad Pitt to Mr. Joviality, Christoph Waltz, just before Pitt administers a spot of branding in the shape of the swastika on top Chris' forehead by way of his big, big knife.

Heidi 2.0 meint: wenn der britische Filmkritiker und der Goebbels Vertraute sich gegenseitig in die Eier - the eggs - - schießen. Das braucht keine Worte.

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