Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Le Carré on Bonn

A Le Carré nugget:
I pressed him and he got shirty.

Oh the old wicked master of puns.

Found in "A Small Town In Germany" (aka Bonn)

But no worries: Special investigator Alan Turner's got it all ironed out in the end, well sort of.
For, annoyingly so, the end in Le Carré's novels never ever is a happy one.

But then Le Carré holds out a a quantum of solace now and then, such as:

No dawn is ever wholly ominous.
The earth is too much its own master;
the cries, the colors and the scents too confident to sustain our grim foreboding.

Heidi 2.o meint: The earth is too much its own master... Ja so etwas konnte man 1968 wirklich noch glauben....Hippies und die Mutter Erde.

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