Samstag, 14. August 2010


Tikkun - Repair, Healing
- from Tikkun ha-Olam -
The Repair of The World
is the title of Michael Lerner's mag and made waves in America with its basic tenet that justice toward the people of Gaza is a corner stone of contemporary religous practice.

To me, Reparing The World always sounded a bit grand and way too general for a Jewish religous principle and so today I went looking online.

This line by Sanford L. Drobs I liked:
"The pursuit of a balance between Kindness and Judgment (a balance which according to Cordovero must be weighted slightly in the direction of kindness),
is a critical aspect of Tikkun ha-Olam."

This saying denotes a spiritual attitude which may then launch adequate, more like an ongoing process . . . the balancing.
So this is my current perception of TIKKUN HA-OLAM.

Michael Lerner's position had been a novelty because before TIKKUN mag, the idea of justice toward the people in the Gaza Strip was seen as a Jewish intellectual, liberal stance outside of if not in conflict with religious considerations.

So Lerner showed that there is a way to reconcile deeply held religious beliefs with fairness toward the people of Gaza.

Heidi 2.0 says Me, I gotta repair to the breakfast table. My fave repast.

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