Montag, 16. August 2010

French Fries, French Kissing, Going Dutch

More Tami Hoag nuggets out of A THIN DARK LINE:

Annie, the protagonist (who in wanting to walk the straight and narrow finds that life is made of compromise) explains to a groundskeeper that she belonged to the sheriff's office and not the police
Groundskeeper shows contempt for such differentiations: Bah, dogs is all dogs when you calls 'em for supper.
: : :
Annie feeling guilty for giving in to lust and passion: That's what I get for playing tonsil hockey with Nick.
Well the tonsils are way back in your mouth. Playing hockey with them that's what people call "French kissing" all over the States except in the French Triangle in Louisiana.

So much for Hoagisms.

What with all the cussing that's evidently going on in the French Triangle - I begin to understand why Americans like to say "excuse my French" after voicing their opinions in a passionate, rather assertive manner, enriched with four letter words.

But then only Americans call deep fried potato cut outs French Fries. The French know very well it's a dish of Belgian extraction and call them simply frites.

But then again I wonder if any Dutch person will ever say, let's go Dutch. Going Dutch means everybody pays their own way after dinner in a restaurant.

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