Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009

Clooney's Clayton

Towards the conclusion of the movie Michael Clayton, George Clooney tells Tilda Swindon,

I'm the fixer,you do not kill me, you buy me.

And when Tilda proceeds to negotiate the price for Clooney's /Clayton's silence, thereby admitting a string of crimes she's committed to the - you'd never guessed it - wired - Clooney/Clayton, he responds,

You're fucked. Shows her the wire and gets her mug shot with a mobile.

So many of us have seen the row of flicks where Clooney "does conscience". We began to hope that Clooney represented the New dynamic, ethical Hollywood where actors take charge of their voice and get across their moral convictions through their roles.

But now, you, the stylish one, the epitomy of cool.... you do commercials for Nestlé.
You propose for instance, that instant coffee is the way to go.
When all the baristas around the globe have been taking the good people of this world for a walk on the Wild Side of coffee consumption for quite a while now. So where you been????
But it's much, much worse, Clooney, Clayton. Because....

...Nestlé? Georgy boy? The Nestlé? The bad baby food Nestlé?
Yet again, where have you been????

Because what's even worse is that Nestlé does Water now, Georgy boy, big time. Water, the natural resource on which all human life depends is currently being gobbled up and bottled up and away from the agricultural poor. So that Nestlé can sell it to only those who will pay and pay.

And your mug stands behind this, Clooney/Clayton. Behind the the Nestlé instant coffee mug to be exact. Yep, there it is, a mug shot of you, globally advertised. It's in the ether, it's positively on the wire.

You're fucked Clooney/Clayton.

Hypothetically, even if you'd claim, moral righteousness does not always pay for itself and needs to be financed, did it have to be Nestlé, George?. Could you not have done this any other way?

Nope, I am afraid the verdict's out - - you're the fixer and you have been bought, this time for real.

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