Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

A Nickel Song for Amy Winehouse

THE NICKEL SONG by by Melanie
in memory of Amy Winehouse

Well you know that I am not a gambler
But I've been gambled on:
They put in a nickel
and I sing a little song

Well I dont mind that they're lucky
but it seems that they always win...[]
They only put in a nickel and they want a dollar song...
Excerpt from Melanie Safka THE NICKEL SONG

Well Amy, maybe it wasn't even the cash they short changed you on.
Maybe the rip off wasn't even about that.

"You have talent, we make you famous and Bob's your uncle…" or some such thing is what they tell ya. But it’s more like

"You have talent, we make you famous and Jack's the ripper. .", others been dubbing.. "A most grim reaper of talent that is…", those voices claim, "none other than our dearly beloved Music Industry".

Heidi 2.0 muses: Aim for heaven. Amy, aim for heaven. Out of reach..

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