Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

AKA Robert Baer

The writer known as Robert Baer may or may not have been "...running agents from inside the CIA's Directorate of operations". But he certainly knows how to apply a sting:

"Jack was a bureaucratic survivor. He had fashioned a long and obit-friendly career.....[in the CIA]".

Baer whose writing is moving forward at a brisk pace, manages to generously toss around brand names - from Deutsche Bank, UBS, Breitling, Puma and Chanel to Starbucks - all within the first 34 pages.
As an insider tradecraft advice he offers the following truism:
"Cells these days are not a lot different from those electronic bracelets used to monitor prisoners serving home sentences".

All in all a light, fun read. No real give-aways.
A precaution that may grant the author a long life and thereafter.... friendly obituaries.
Oh, yes, what's the name of the book? "Blow The House Down".

Heidi 2.0 meint: "Baer? Urs? UBS? Ein Schweiz-Amerikaner ist das."

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