Freitag, 26. März 2010

Anthony Minghella

Dear Mr Inman I began counting the days,
the the months.
I don't count on anything anymore except hope that you will return
and the silent fear that in the years since we saw each other
this war, this awful war will have changed us both beyond all reckoning.
I think now on the fleeting moments between us and wish I could repair them,
my awakward nature
the things left unsaid.

Thus begins "Cold Mountain"
perhaps Anthony Minghella's most moving epic.
And while papa Sutherland plays a clergyman in this anti war tale, son Kiefer sells us in "24 hours" reasons why it's such a cool thing to torture, murder, snitch, snipe, lie deceive and become generally deranged, as long as one is surrounded by hi-tech gear, nerds to operate it and some vague feeling that it's for the country. No longer does there appear the need to get one's moral bearings, as long as there are . . . schematics.

Heidi 2.0 meint:
Es gibt Zeiten, da red ich nur noch mit meiner Ziege.

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