Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

Hello Dolly, The Musical

Some pearls of wisdom and wicked sayings, whereas the one does not necessarily preclude the other.

"Snubbing folks is chic to us
Sometimes we don't even speak to us"
(I know, I know it's so very ouch! But it rhymes....)

"If you're living from hand to mouth you better be ambidextrous."
You're so right about this one Barbra

As they dine together, Dolly cuts Mr Vandergelder's chicken wings....

Says he:
I don't want my wings cut.

Answers Dolly wistfully:
No man does, no man does, Mr Vandergelder.

Heidi 2.0 says:
Milking my goat makes me ambidextrous.
And since I drink the milk afterwards
I am living from hand to mouth I guess.

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